Second Floor

“The Permanent Collection: Contemporary Greek Perspectives”

A condensed yet compelling showcase, “The Permanent Collection: Contemporary Greek Perspectives.” This exhibition offers a succinct glimpse into the diverse talents of contemporary Greek artists, featuring works in various media.
Within this compact space, the collection explores themes inspired by a range of contemporary influences, reflecting the dynamic and innovative nature of Greek art today. Artists adeptly navigate a mix of artistic approaches, presenting a curated snapshot of the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary Greek art.
Themes encompass studies of light, emotion, and the exploration of current cultural narratives. “The Permanent Collection” provides a brief yet insightful look into the multifaceted nature of Greek artistic expression in a global context.
Whether through nuanced brushstrokes, tactile sculptures, or immersive installations, this exhibition invites visitors to appreciate the diverse voices contributing to the ongoing dialogue within contemporary art.
Navigate through the exhibition and experience a condensed visual journey encapsulating the essence of Greece, its contemporary perspectives, landscapes and vibrant artistic community. Delve into the rich tapestry represented by these artists, showcasing the enduring beauty and innovation inherent in contemporary Greek artistry.