First Floor

A captivating exhibition featuring the distinct works of two visionary artists, Costas Picadas and Aris Katsilakis. This unique collaboration brings together the hyper-realistic 3-D model photo-based print works of Picadas and the evocative sculptures of Katsilakis, creating a harmonious dialogue between their divergent yet complementary artistic expressions.
Costas Picadas invites us into a realm where art seamlessly intertwines with technology. His series of prints, including “Knee,” “Heart,” “Brain,” and “Lungs,” captivate with their hyper-real gold-toned organs, delicately sprouting leaves amidst a pure white paper ground. Picadas, a versatile multimedia artist, navigates effortlessly between painting, photography, and video. His focus on digital prints, rooted in 3-D models of human anatomy, reveals the intricate beauty of cellular life on both microcosmic and macrocosmic scales.
In stark contrast, Aris Katsilakis, draws inspiration from nature’s visual stimuli, transforming them into sculptures that defy easy categorisation. His sculptural forms, influenced by Arte Povera, neo-baroque amalgamation, and minimalism, emerge as enigmatic artifacts from an imagined future.
Katsilakis’s works challenge our perceptions with complex organic forms, resembling preposterous findings of a future archaeological exploration. These sculptures, biomorphic and extraocular artificial, unveil the intricate inner workings of genetically modified organisms or human hybrids. With a delicate touch, Katsilakis composes the works, revealing labyrinthine arteries and functional mechanisms that both fascinate and repel, urging viewers to contemplate the impending changes in human organisms within a nightmarish post industrial era.